SI6 is not just another Student Information System, it is a platform that is explicitly designed for universities to manage affiliated network of colleges and the students across the institutions centrally.

The solution offers a centralized University functions and at the same time offers personalized and localized delivery of the teaching at the respective campuses. The university can offer the same solution to their affiliate colleges and the students, so that the administration of these small colleges function more effective and help to deliver fast and transparent services

Central repository to manage all the affiliated colleges of a university and simplify the integrations to the Finance and HR systems.

Each college can be managed with the availability of the infrastructure, facilities and faculties along with the contact coordinates. Entire administration of them can happen paperless, an essential for modern Universities.

Setting up the University and Affiliated Colleges

·       Academic Structures allow to define the institutions network colleges and maintain their eligibility of programs for each Institute, including partner networks across geographies.

·       Solution captures to maintain various master of university critical data including the affiliation, Key people, Collaboration, Infrastructure, Land, Facilities etc.

·       The solution truly supports all languages of global languages. The entire platform can be configured to accommodate multiple languages (Including screens & input content) without need for any cloud translations, adhering to the local privacy rules.

·       Maintain the academic and admission calendars centrally or institute specific

·       The system is flexible enough to offer different courses for different institutions for same program and supports NEP framework