Awarding Bodies

Enterprise Structures: Si6 Platform key differentiator is built for the multi-institution network present across geographies. The network of the centres may be owned and operated by them, franchisee network, Partner operation, direct schools and Government ministries where the Awarding bodies manage and sell their qualifications.

Si6 Education Platform solution allows to

  • Maintain multiple Awarding Bodies
  • Manage Customers against each awarding body.
  • Define Central Master of all the academic programs
  • Fee Management in multiple currencies
  • Define Customer Hierarchy across the enterprise
  • Flexible product structures to reuse and create new programs
  • Maintain customer specific Program Eligibility with fees
  • Review customer Intake capacity and programs eligibility YoY
  • Flexible regional calendars for each customer needs
  • Onboard new customers quickly
  • Manage Product attributes in real time
  • Create Application Forms for each of their customers.
  • Offer SIS Technology to the partner network institutions
  • Process Entries with Rule Engine
  • Manage Assessment Service Providers and evaluators from the HR systems.
  • Institute specific exam scheduling software with optimization
  • Student Portal for Parents to track their achievements and grades
  • Analytics
  • Integration to SAP for SD customer billing
  • Integration to SAP for Customer Dues and Payments.
  • Control data access through structural authorizations.