K-12 Schools

Improved data management: A centralized education platform allows K-12 schools manage student data more efficiently and effectively by storing and organizing information in a central location. This can include demographic data, grades, attendance records, and more.

The solution works for a single School/ Group of County Public Schools/ District level or an Education trust with multiple schools.

  • Enhanced communication: Ease of communication between teachers, students, and parents by providing a platform for messaging, announcements, and other forms of communication.
  • Streamlined processes: Be it from admissions, many administrative processes, such as registration, scheduling, and report card generation, saving time and effort for school staff.
  • Improved decision-making: Microsoft powered BI analytics can provide schools with access to data-driven insights that can help inform decision-making and improve student outcomes.
  • Enhanced security: A cloud-based education platform provides enhanced security for student data by using Microsoft Authentication methods.
  • Parent Services: Provide a complete snapshot of the student(s) to the parents, not just about performance but also simplify accepting payment online.
  • Data Privacy: Data Privacy risks are highly reduced by controlling the user access.
  • Microsites: Now each can get their personalized landing page to present about the happening and to get more admissions over online.